Agency Identity

Back in the day we used to love featuring the work coming out of the various Pentagram studios and here we go with their first feature on Bitique v1.5.

Designed by  Domenic Lippa this is an identity and packaging for the work of ceramicist and designer Emily Johnson. Emily’s work follows in the steps of her forefathers who founded Johnson Brothers in 1882 in what was to become Stoke-on-Trent. She and her father paid homage to their heritage in the formation of 1882 Ltd this year for their first collection. Lippa and his team decided to focus on the heritage of the brand by referencing the date of the foundation of the family company and the original Johnson Bros mark which featured a line under the ‘o’.

More about this project can be found over on Pentagram’s site.

Posted by Neil Ramsbottom

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