Rosie Lee


As many of you will know Rose Lee are one of our favourites on here – as a change up from featuring their always excellent client work here is a personal project of theirs, Deckchair.

I’ll let Chop – Mark Fleming, Rosie Lee Creative Director – explain the project.

“Deckchair is one of these projects, where we wanted to explore the results of combining furniture with skate. The initial idea was borne out of a comparison between the ergonomic curves of a board and the curves of designer furniture… but once we started developing concepts, we realised that we could do so much more, crossing over into the broader aspects of skate culture, including photography and art.

This blog will record our ongoing adventures with Deckchair, the first phase of which is our design for the chair. These renders and drawings demonstrate our initial consideration of skateboards as furniture.”

Posted by Neil Ramsbottom

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