White Label NOBA


Branding and website for White Label NOBA done by Emma Brownson.

White Label NOBA is a Brisbane clothing brand with over 60 stockists nationwide. They design primarily for women, but also create children’s wear and lifestyle pieces. The label has a classic, bohemian style and prides itself on thoughtful and accessible design which women from petite to plus size and the young to mature age would be comfortable and confident wearing.

Wear it Live it Love it is the summer collection, focusing on pieces that embody a relaxed and carefree sophistication and fit seamlessly into our modern lifestyles.The branding for the collection is made up of the key colours of orange, stone & black, as well as two signature prints and a focus on organic, hand-drawn shapes and typography, staying true to their classic style while injecting a pop of a summer lifestyle feel.


Posted by Ben Palmer

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